**For NHS and emergency treatment call 01134950888**
**For injury treatment, the customer needs to pay for treatment and submit a paper claim to Bupa**
**DDS cannot be completed for customers who have PMI with a Dental Add On, they will need to complete a paper claim or refer to their membership guide**

Search for customer record

You can search using the customers membership number or by using the customers first name, surname, dob and post code.
When you have the correct record click on the customer’s name, this will be highlighted in blue.

Complete DPA

I’m speaking to automatically defaults to Self
Select Pass when details are confirmed
Select Complete in the dropdown tab
Click on Submit


Step 1 – Add invoice details

In the section Invoice Details add the Invoice no and click on Next
The Treatment Completed Date and Invoice date will automatically default to todays date, if these needs to be amended you can type over these fields

Step 2 – Add treatment details

In the section List of treatments click on + New Claim Line to add treatment

Select the Treatment Category from the look up
Select the Treatment Name from the look up
The Treatment date defaults to the date provided in the Invoice Details section
Input the GDC number for the treating provider
Input the charge of the treatment

Click on Save and Close

**NB - If the customer has had more than one treatment, repeat step 2**

Step 3 – Payment review

To confirm the payment, click on Submit Claim
The Invoice Details section will now show
Claim id
Claim Status
Total Charge
Paid by Bupa
Customer to Pay


**NB – If the Claim Status shows under assessment, make a note of the claim id and call the Direct Settlement Team 01134950888**