Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to find a patient

Can’t find a patient on the Direct Settlement System (DDS)

• Call the Direct Settlement Team on 01134950888, they can check the system and process claim DS claim

Unable to raise a claim

Patient only has PMI

• If the patient doesn’t have a Dental policy the Direct Settlement facility cannot be used
• On the Product Holdings tab you will be able to see the type of policy the patient has under Product Type

• If you select Raise Claim on a non-Dental Insurance policy, the following message will appear

Claim processing

Where can I get the invoice number from

• When the clinician has added the treatment to your practice management system (PMS) a number will be generated in the financial tab. This is the invoice number

When adding treatment do I input with or without the discount

• Any discounts offered should be taken off the treatment cost before adding the charge to the claim

Should PPE charges be included in claims

• There is no additional benefit for PPE, this is covered from the benefit for the treatment being claimed for e.g., if the patient has a filling the PPE charge should be added to the cost of the filling

What if the claim is declined or doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment

• Advise what has been covered by the insurance and collect the shortfall. If the patient queries the insurance coverage, ask them to call the Bupa Dental Insurance Team on 0800 237 777


• For nightguards for teeth grinding/bruxism select Mouthguard from the treatment name lookup

Orthodontic treatment

• Orthodontic treatment can now be claimed via the automated DDS system the requirements for eligible treatment are as follows
- Children aged 18 and under IOTN scale 3 to 5
- Adults aged 19 and over IOTN scale 4 to 5

What cannot be claimed using the automated DDS system

• Emergency treatment – call the Direct Settlement Team on 01134 950 888 (option 3)
• NHS treatment – call the Direct Settlement Team

What cannot be claimed by Direct Settlement (and DDS)
• Injury treatment – patient needs to pay for the treatment and submit a claim form to Bupa Dental Insurance

Claim status

• If the claim status shows under assessment, this means this claim has not been finalised, please call the Direct Settlement Team on 01134 950 888 (option 3)

Useful contact numbers

• Direct Settlement Team – 01134 950 888 (option 3)

  • Or email

• Bupa Dental Insurance Team – 0800 237 777
• Provider Management Team – 0345 600 5422 (Option 1)
• Service Now (IT) – 01454 771 560